I purchased this small 12 volt coffee maker to augment my Nespresso machine as sometimes I just want to use a different coffee than those available in the pods.

My search was also for a 12 volt Espresso Maker that would work without having to be re-charged as I am guilty of not always remembering to recharge the Nespresso Maker when it runs out of battery.

The first thing to say about this low-powered Espresso maker is that it does NOT support Nespresso pods, regardless of what the Amazon listing says.  It is something I have written to Amazon about so maybe it will be removed from the description sometime in the future.

That said, I checked thoroughly before I added the gadget to my shopping basket so I knew what I was getting.

The Packaging

I am dead against over packing, it’s bad for the environment and as someone who lives on a boat, recycling can sometimes be inconvenient, so all that packing material has to go somewhere.

Amazon are often to blame for this but the coffee machine had no less than 4 plastic bags! please please please stop using plastic bags when they really are not necessary.

The instructions – I will link to them here – are not well written in my opinion but they are there and you can get this “gist” of how to use it.

The Package Contents

The 12 Volt coffee maker comes with two coffee filters, one is for coffee bag type pods, we don’t see them often in the UK but you can order them from Amazon, and a fresh coffee filter.  I have only used the coffee filter.

There is a small Brush for cleaning the coffee machine and a long metal tool which, after a lot of hunting around I discovered was for boring the dried coffee out of an inner hole – more on that in the video.

As this low powered coffee machine plugs into a cigarette lighter socket (or 12v Socket) it comes with a fuse.

Finally, there are two round grommets or seals, which are to replace the seals in the lower half of the unit.