For me, the most important task of the day is making coffee.  That simple exercise seems almost overly complex when considering all available machines.

Most coffee machines are in the 1200w category and require a 240v supply to work (that is 1200/240 = 5amp Draw plus the 10 – 15% overhead for your inverter = almost 6amps).

What if you are looking for something that is a little less juicy?

This little coffee maker brews espresso in just 5 minutes from a 12v power supply – that’s right, you don’t need the inverter.  It uses espresso ground coffee to produce excellent coffee straight off your leisure battery.

One of the great things about this 12v coffee gadget is that it is even faster if you use boiling water.

We did a quick review of this coffee machine on our youtube channel.

Of course, you could always use a Barretta-style coffee maker on your stove or cooking appliance; this works very well, although you must be careful not to burn the coffee.  I have a video on that over here…

Of course, if you really are addicted to coffee from pods (I know I love my Nespresso pods), then you may like the Conqueco Nespresso pod coffee maker.  This fantastic little gadget runs off of a battery that will need to be recharged.  The latest version of this model can be recharged on a 12volt car socket or a 240v mains supply/inverter.  On a single charge, this battery-operated coffee machine can produce about 12 shots of espresso.

My final foray into the 12volt, energy-efficient coffee world was with a couple of coffee makers that would appeal to those who prefer a more “french press” finish to their coffee.

The pour-over coffee maker has a lot going for it if you are living off-grid and need a really low-powered coffee maker.  The range of choices available in the marketplace is astronomical, and so I have a complete list for you over here.

In the meantime, try these two amazing coffee gadgets.

The Stanley pour-over coffee filter has some excellent reviews over here.  But it is simply a solid, and I mean, it can take a knock or two around your RV or Boat, and it makes a great coffee.  Heat your water add your coffee, and pour over!

Of course, there is also the french press version which produces a lovely fresh tasting coffee with a clean and sharp finish – It’s a shame I can’t find this coffee maker in that nice green enamelled finish, though, it would make an amazing addition to the range.

Coffee on the go is always a challenge, but if you have the right 12-volt equipment, it need not cost the earth.

After putting all of these low-power coffee machines through their paces, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice if I could use a single low-power coffee machine to make all the coffee I need for the day?  So I have spent a bit of time reviewing Flasks and how they behave.